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WELCOME to the Super Turmeric Farmers Organic Farming Practices. Organic Super Turmeric is grown in the Islands of sunny Fiji. Over 100 years and beyond serving local and international countries.

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100% Organic

Super Turmeric goes beyond organics production and is grown in a non-polluted country with no spray or fertilizer used. The plant is uniquely harvested and tested scientifically for SUPER FOOD USES which is why we have the upper hand in turmeric production.

I bring you BEST OF THE BEST SUPER FOOD. AUTHENTIC INDIAN ORIGIN BIO-PREM formula … buy direct from the super turmeric farmer at wholesale prices.

Grown in Sunny Fiji

Super Turmeric is grown in rich volcanic soil.

Fertilizer and Spray Free

No spray or fertilizer is used.

Enhance your food

Sprinkle over your food and it lifts everything.


Ayurvedic – Ancient Formula over 5,000 years for 21st Century Remedy

Ingredients Super Turmeric X-TRA 21 is a Super Food

– Curcumin 95%
– Ginger
– Galangal
– Black Pepper
– Cinnamon
– Coconut Powder
– Green Tea
– Papaya Seeds
– Fennel Seeds
– Aniseed
– Caraway Seeds
– Cloves
– Cardamon
– Jerra (Cumin Seeds)
– Mustard Seeds
– Fenugreek Seeds
– Tulsi
– Stevia
– Corriander
– Cacao
– Moringa

Get In Contact

Contact Prem regarding any questions regarding the Super Turmeric product range.

Postal Address

PO Box 353 Redcliffe
Queensland 4020 Australia


0466 999 895